Zack Snyder tells us about the two planned spin-offs of the Army of the Dead

We were just looking at Army of Thieves, the film we made and Matthias (Schweighofer) directed it … he’s the sure cracker eater, and we see his backstory and (learn ) how he fell in love and got obsessed with cracking safes. And why the safe in the movie (Army of the Dead) matters to him. What it is and that is all revealed in the story.

Then we also have an animated prequel that tells the story of where those zombies came from and what their business is. It goes to Area 51 and does a whole load of psychedelic weirdness which is cool too. Let’s just say it scales in an unexpected way as far as the zombies get. So we’re doing these two things the way we do it. And then of course the army also tells its own story about the world in a playful way.

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