Younger Buck Explains Why He “Relationship” Transgender Ladies!

After denying that a viral video of him with a transgender woman actually was him – rapper Young Buck finally managed to be the man in the video – but says he was fished!

“When that first happened man, to be honest, it fucked me like it was fucking someone. For me it was one of those situations that I reacted in when I didn’t even see the video, at first because I was knows where I am. Like I said, I have no problem with people. It wasn’t me. But when I saw the fucking video, I said, “Damn, that’s me the fucking video,” he said to DJ Vlad.


He continued, “But I wasn’t knowingly getting into a situation where I knew this was what it was. It was one of those things that got me pretty much fished out of shit. One person was in these DMs send p * ssy [pictures] Splash all over the room and come up and say, ‘I’m in your town.’ “

He added, “I, at the time I was thinking with my dick, I crashed over there thinking I was going to smash that bitch and go in the situation. 00 I didn’t even know what the person was having at the time I have the feeling, wait a minute, this is a robbery or a staging, because when I realized that it was not the same muthaf * cka that was in the video, I immediately got the fuck outside of the room. “

Check out the video below:

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