Willy’s Wunderland trailer captures Nicolas Cage in a nightmare world of killer animatronics

Ahead of its VOD release next month, the official trailer for the wild horror film Willy’s Wonderland Trailer has finally arrived. The story with Nicolas Cage follows a night-shift janitor battling violent animatronic mascots in an abandoned family entertainment center. Cage produced the film alongside Killer Klowns from space stars Grant Cramer and Mike Nilon, Jeremy Davis, David Ozer and Bryan Lord. You can check out the trailer below.

Directed by Kevin Lewis and written by GO Parsons, Willy’s Wonderland begins with a drifter (Nicolas Cage) stranded in the remote town of Hayesville, Nevada. He agrees to work as a janitor at a Chuck E. Cheese-style family fun center called Willy’s Wonderland, only to find that the animatronics has come to life and is trying to kill him. To survive the night, the caretaker must work with a group of teenagers to protect themselves from the murderous robots. It’s a bizarre concept, but the trailer makes it clear that Cage can do it.

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Along with Nicolas Cage, Film stars Emily Tosta (Party of Five), Ric Reitz (The Resident), Chris Waner (Machete) and veteran character actress Beth Grant (Children’s Game 2, Donnie Darko, Little Miss Sunshine). If you’re curious, the names of the Willy’s Wonderland animatronics featured in the film are Willy Weasel, Cammy Chameleon, Arty Alligator, Tito Turtle, Siren Sara, Knighty Knight, Gus Gorilla, and Ozzie Ostrich.

This film was likely influenced by the popular Five Nights in Freddy’s video game series. In every episode of the horror game franchise, players must survive as murderous animatronic mascots try to kill them in the pizzeria of the Freddy Fazbear restaurant. The game series was incredibly successful and there had been plans to adapt it as a film for years. In November, creator Scott Cawthon said the project was finally a success and the film Five Nights at Freddy should begin filming this spring.

For more wicked animatronic fun, check out the 2019 horror movie The Banana Splits. The film re-introduces the classic Hanna Barbera children’s television series with Five Nights at Freddy’s Twist. Animatronics goes ballistic and goes rampage in the studio after learning that their show is being canceled. Dani Kind, Steve Lund and Celina Martin were directed by Danishka Esterhazy.

As for Cage, there is a lot more on the horizon for his fans to look forward to. He will play a step-up version of himself in the meta-action film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, due out this year. The upcoming drama Pig will play the actor as a mushroom picker on a mission to find his missing pet. Cage will also play Tiger King star Joe Exotic for a limited series on the small screen.

Willy’s Wonderland was originally scheduled to come out in October before the pandemic pushed back its premiere. It has now been announced that the film will be released on February 12th with a limited theatrical release on VOD services. The official trailer comes to us from ONE Media on YouTube.

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