Will the Strolling Lifeless Rick Grimes film hit theaters with an R score?

According to a newly emerging rumor, the upcoming cinematic spin-off of The Walking Dead, which will focus entirely on Rick Grimes, is poised to give a “hard” R rating. News has been circulating for a while about a solo film series centered on Rick Grimes. The film is said to have been rated R-tracking, with all that recently teased about the reluctant leader’s ongoing adventures.

Screenwriter Scott Gimple recently teased some details regarding the tone of the project, comparing it to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Swansong Logan. “You didn’t have to watch every X-Men movie to enjoy this,” said Gimple. “Rick has a story and the story will be present in him and it will be a big part of who he is, but it will probably be a very different Rick that we see too. New audience will be like, ‘Oh I want to discover that past. ‘We who know it so well say, “Oh crap, that’s what’s bothering him from the past.” You have to invite both people over to what we’re trying to do with the shows. “

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Logan, which was released in 2017, takes on the legendary member of the X-Men years after the events of the rest of the film franchise, and finds the fan-preferred mutant forced into a self-imposed retirement before summoning his inner hero again to do the escort a young mutant named Laura safe. Logan is very different in tone from the other X-Men films and not only offers the nasty language that parents would cover their child’s ears with, but is also brutally violent, which gives weight to the idea of ​​Rick Grimes’ solo adventures R-rated.

the Walking Dead According to reports, the film is being planned as the start of a trilogy that “honors people who have invested the time in their lives and the show, but we cannot do that at the expense of everyone’s invitation,” Gimple previously explained his approach to the project.

A film about Rick Grimes was announced by chief content officer and former showrunner Scott Gimple in the wake of Andrew Lincoln’s surprise exit from the AMC television series in November 2018. The previously unnamed feature will follow Grimes and Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh), formerly Jadis of survival group The Scavengers, and will reportedly reveal what happened to the couple after the events of Season 9, Episode 5, episode “What Comes After”, happened where Rick and Anne were brought aboard a Civic Republic military helicopters and taken to a new corner of the post-apocalyptic world.

The teaser trailer, released during San Diego Comic-Con in July 2019, hinted that Rick and Anne would be transported to Philadelphia, a previously unexplored corner of The Walking Dead universe. While not too much is known about who’s directing the film at the moment, producer Scott Gimple revealed a few details earlier this year that suggest it will be even bigger than the series. “We’ll keep telling Rick’s story and discover so much of the world through that story,” Gimple said in January.

Walking Dead director Rosemary Rodriguez has recently fueled speculation that not only will the Rick Grimes film be released sometime this year, but that it will hit the big screen as well. This is courtesy of Daniel Richtman.

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