Widespread Atlanta rapper MURDERED; Bragged about not paying drug sellers! (Vid)

The popular Atlanta rapper Scarfo Da Plug was murdered in Los Angeles yesterday. The details of his death are unclear, but social media reports speculate that he may have been killed by drug dealers to whom he owed money.

Before MTO News became a full-time rapper, he confirmed that Scarfo was out on the streets selling drugs. The rapper was arrested two years ago when he allegedly owed his drug suppliers a large amount of money.

When he was released from prison, Scarfo reportedly refused to pay his debt. The drug dealers ran up to the rapper in a Los Angeles studio, stole his jewelry and told Scarfo they wanted her “bread”.

Here is a video of Scarfo getting robbed:

And here Scarfo explains the situation:

Yesterday a group of armed men ran into Scarfo again – this time they took the talented rapper’s life.

MTO News confirmed that Los Angeles police are investigating the killing.

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