Why Ryan Murphy looks like he is on “borrowed time”

Ryan Murphy has a painful reason to explain why he enjoys developing new projects.

In a preview clip from the brand new episode from Tuesday December 1st of Bethenny FrankelIn his podcast, the prolific television producer and filmmaker discussed why he feels highly motivated to make the most of his time.

“Growing up when I came of sexually legal age was 1981,” Murphy said on the Just B podcast. “It was right when AIDS started, so as a gay man I went through the entire AIDS crisis in the 80s and 90s – from ’81 to ’96 when the cocktail was made. And every day of my life I thought, OK “Well, that’s it. I won’t make it.”

The 55-year-old executive producer of Ratched recalled attending “many, many funerals” when he was young.

“I put a lot of it into this television show I called Glee,” said the six-time Emmy winner of his Fox series, which took the idea of ​​seizing the moment. “That’s an ongoing topic on this show. So I always felt like I had time to borrow. I always felt like my ass had an expiration date and I’ve been in a lot of shrinkages to talk about it. And it’s almost like I’m still scared that the next day everything will be taken away. So it’s very ingrained in my work ethic where I think I get the opportunity to create something. “

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