Why Disney + Wandavision is the right begin to section 4, based on Marvels Kevin Feige

WandaVision will kick off the MCU’s next chapter on Friday, January 15, not only as the first Marvel Studios series for Disney +, but also as the inadvertent first project by Kevin Feige and his team since Spider-Man: Far from Home, The Infinity Saga was completed in summer 2019. All eyes are on the series, not just because it comes out after a full year of no Marvel Studios content, but because it will set the tone for Phase 4 of the MCU and the future out of the huge studio.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic closed cinemas and caused worldwide production stoppages, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow film was set to open the Marvel Cinematic Universe according to Thanos (Josh Brolin) last spring, followed by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the Marvels Disney + on bring serial library to the market. WandaVision was supposed to premiere in winter, but the pandemic changed everything. WandaVision will now take the lead in January, followed by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in March. Black Widow will hit theaters in May around the same time that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki Limited series premieres on Disney +, if the still raging pandemic allows it. Despite the line-up, Feige admits that not much had to change to get WandaVision to the top, and ultimately, he believes it will be for the best.

“Just the kind of start of Phase 4 and these films and in the Disney + series that we had, they all work with the slight reshuffle that we all had to deal with,” Feige told TV Guide during a press conference to promote WandaVision. “But it’s nice that WandaVision, while not originally designed that way, is the prelude not just for Phase 4 but specifically for Marvel Studios and the MCU on Disney +, because it pays homage to television. ”

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While Feige is confident that WandaVision, in which Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) try to create idyllic suburban living as each episode pays tribute to a different decade of television sitcoms, is Phase 4 in a bold new way and beginning wise For Marvel, he’s much less in a rush to define what will end this new chapter or what Marvel defines as the next “saga” for the studio.

“It’s all just a way to keep track of the stories. We build as we make them and then follow the stories for the audience after we release them. We didn’t declare those 23 films in infinity.” Saga until they were all done, until they were all done. Some of them bonded more than others, and some of them were the individual trilogies that were wrapped in the Avengers films and linked to the Civil War and other films, “Feige explained.” Like the comics, it’s fun stories to tell. The stages and sagas are something we use to keep a bigger picture in mind as we create all of our individual series or movies. That worked well for us. That’s why we keep thinking about it. The explanation of what it is, what the overall theme is, or what the saga’s title is, won’t come until much later. ”

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen, WandaVision

What we do know is that the MCU has nine announced titles in the pipeline for 2021 alone, six of which are episodic Disney + adventures that either allow for a more in-depth study of popular mainstream MCU characters like Wanda, Vision and Loki or introduce new ones Characters like Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), also known as Ms. Marvel, who will make their debut in their own Disney + series in the fall of 2021 and then appear on the movie page alongside Brie Larson’s eponymous hero in Captain Marvel 2.

The Disney + Slate will work with the cinematic universe in ways the series created by Jeph Loeb under the umbrella of Marvel TV – which essentially no longer exists since Feige Marvel’s television efforts under the film studio’s banner – never could . WandaVision will specifically lead directly to Doctor Strange and the Multiversum of Madness, which is slated to open in theaters in early 2022. For now, Feige and the creative teams behind the upcoming Disney + shows are having fun playing at their new frontier.

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“Having just gone from feature to feature, it’s fun to do episode-to-episode, and after the Infinity saga, when we started out three years ago, it brought a whole new sense of creative excitement, which I personally really like I think of all of us at Marvel Studios, “shared Feige. “Take these characters who were only in films up until that point, in many, many films like Wanda and Vision, like Loki, like Falcon and Winter Soldier, and you can spend more time with these great characters that were like that varying degrees of supporting characters in the films – now they’re the main focus characters – was the most fun and the most exciting for me. ”

Even if episodic television is new to Feige and the film studio, they’re not afraid to make bold strokes and play around with the format. WandaVision is already being described as an exciting departure from previous Marvel content in the early reactions of its critics, and the Marvel boss only wants to expand from there. In the meantime, he is proud that WandaVision is taking the first step in Marvel’s new direction.

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“We have always been excited about playing with the medium’s style formats,” he said. “We’ve done it in films to a certain extent in different ways, but never as directly or blatantly consistent as in these first three episodes of WandaVision.”

WandaVision will premiere on Friday January 15th with its first two episodes on Disney +.

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