What’s this week’s HBO Saturday Night time Film – November 7, 2020

What does the dead not die of?

In the small rural town of Centerville, The Dead Don’t Die follows cops Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray), Ronnie Peterson (Adam Driver) and Mindy Morrison (Chloë Sevigny) as the undead rise from their graves. Sounds like a normal zombie movie, doesn’t it? Well, Jim Jarmusch’s dark comedy is far from typical, despite having many elements that great zombie films like Night of the Living Dead and myriad others have addressed in the past. There were several times in the film where it felt like Jarmusch only had time for one take and took what he could get. The characters often repeat themselves, stare aimlessly, and sometimes feel like they haven’t read the script. All of this adds a certain charm that should be appreciated.

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