What’s incorrect with the Metallic Gear Strong Film?

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has long been known for its cinematic structure (and extremely long cutscenes) as well as its inventive and satisfying gameplay mechanics. That’s why it’s so frustrating that after all these years (the franchise dates back to 1987 Metal Gear) we’ve never gotten a Metal Gear Solid movie. It could be argued that each game is essentially a complex and often tortuous hour-long film of its own, yet millions of Solid Snakes fans around the world are hungry for a full-screen adaptation.

Over the past few years the chances of a Metal Gear Solid movie actually making an impact have been better than ever, but again, we’re in 2020 and have nothing in the form of a cinematic experience. But fans of Hideo Kojima’s crowing achievements in video game storytelling are a tough bunch and will be excited about anything related to the franchise (well, maybe not Metal Gear Survive) and no doubt wait to see this Series adapted to the big screen.

Here’s the story so far …

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