What the Hocus Pocus forged did

While many would agree that (most) Christmas movies are best reserved for the holiday season, Halloween movies are the only kind that can be enjoyed all year round, if you ask me. Just ask any Disney + subscriber who you know how many times they have streamed Hocus Pocus since it launched in November 2019. Join this pool too and be honest.

But, hey, you don’t need to worry because there’s no shame in repeating one of the most iconic films in the realm of Disney nostalgia and cinematic celebrations of All Hallow’s Eve in history. In fact, a sequel to Hocus Pocus seems to have been nearly three decades in development since the original, in which three children accidentally resurrect a trio of legendary witches in Salem, was first released. Can you imagine Max Dennison, his sister Dani, and the love interest Allison is now fighting the Sanderson Sisters with as an adult?

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