Well-known Dex followers fear about his drug use after new video !!

Rapper Famous Dex worried his fans again after posting a video of himself on social media – and he’s not looking good.

Dex took his side to share a snippet of his new fans, but his fans couldn’t focus on the music fearing that Dex’s alleged drug use might have spiraled down again.

“Dude needs help. He’s a drug addict and it’s sad,” wrote one viewer.

“Damn calm eyes, someone has to let him know to calm all of this down. This n * gga needs a reality check,” wrote another.

This time last year fans were concerned after Dex appeared to be nodding a blunt hand in hand on Live and was out for a few seconds. The burning stump seemed to burn into one of his hands, but that didn’t wake him. His team later announced that it would “monitor” his drug use.

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