Welcome to those 23 shocking info about OK, bitch

15. While Fox attempted to tease the Big Death in the season three finale, the victim himself, Barton, spoiled Marissa’s death in an interview just before the episode aired. “My character has been through so much and she really has nothing left to do,” she told Access Hollywood. Oops!

For Schwartz, he called the decision to kill her difficult. “It grew out of a number of issues,” he told The Daily Beast, “creative, cast chemistry, reviews.”

16. Did Barton want to leave the show? “Mischa didn’t want any more from the show than the other kids from the show,” Schwartz admitted with a laugh. “It was a complicated chemistry with the cast … but they certainly weren’t actively trying to quit the show.”

Then he added, “I think they had mixed feelings about their fame, which came from a teen drama about Fox. It wasn’t what they’d envisioned their career to be, so it sure was a challenge. Much has been studied about how Johnny Depp was fired from 21 Jump Street. “

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