Watch as Miley Cyrus units off a hearth alarm in the course of the prank on Iggy Azalea

Stop, drop and roll!

Miley Cyrus put Iggy AzaleaFire safety skills put to the test during a livestream for their new album Plastic Hearts. The singer and rapper casually discussed the project before fans saw smoke fill the room and a fire alarm went off.

As they tried to find out what was happening in the first place, Miley paused and asked, “Are you scared, Iggy?”

But the Aussie was more focused on keeping the two of them from inhaling the smoke and told Miley to fall on the floor with blankets over her head.

Meanwhile, Miley was laughing and telling Iggy that the people she called didn’t answer, to which Iggy replied, “I feel like I can’t break the door so why don’t we make a plan. It’s best to shut up stay here so we don’t breathe the smoke. “

Again Miley asked Iggy if she was “freaking out” before saying, “Thanks for crawling with me at night.”

And Iggy answered best as she knew, “What the hell is Nightcrawl ?!”

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