W & W closes the 12 months with the eagerly awaited new single “Gold”

2020 may have sucked, but the rave hasn’t stopped W & W.. The venerable Dutch duo kept the party going with a steady stream of releases under both their main project and their NWYR pseudonym. You end the year with another single on the main stage in “gold. ”“ Gold ”combines W & W’s penchant for old-school rave vibes with a sophisticated psy-trance beat and a catchy vocal line.

“Gold” starts immediately with a wonderful piano melody, which with some “blue” vibes definitely reminds of the emerging era of EDM. In the drop past meets present, while a hypnotic psy-trance beat accompanies the chopped vocals. After that we get the melodic synthesizers that only W&W can bring you. There’s also an epic synth build before the final drop. There is no doubt that Ward & Willem had the real deal Rave culture Fans in mind with this. Here’s what they had to say about “Gold” and their most recent live show in Thailand where COVID has been slowed down.

“It was so good to get in touch with the Rave family again. When we got on stage and saw all these happy faces in the crowd, we realized that we stand together and that rave is life. ‘Gold’ is a track we’ve been working on for a while and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Great to end 2020 with this one! “

Check out the epic video for W & W’s newest single, “Gold,” which is now available at Rave Culture. The video is set to continue, who knows what Ward & Willem has in store for 2021. Also experience the live stream of DJ Mag Top 100 again if you miss those enthusiastic vibes.

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