Virgin River Boss outlines their plan for Mel and Jack’s relationship in future seasons: “We wish them …”


Mel and Jack’s future might not feel bright right now – especially when you factor in that shocking cliffhanger at the season finale – but fans of Netflix’s Virgin River can take comfort knowing there are books to draw from can be hope.

“Ultimately, I see the show as getting as many seasons as we get. And when we get to this last season we want them to be where [book author Robyn Carr] has it, ”explains showrunner Sue Tenney TVLine.

While possible future seasons of the show send characters on journeys slightly different from those in Carr’s novels, their goals remain the same. This also applies to new residents of the Virgin River created specifically for the screen. Tenney insists, “Everything we do doesn’t come straight from the book we work in [the spirit of] Robyn’s books. “

Even so, Tenney has a deep love for the people who live in Carr’s world, and cites Jo Ellen and Connie as some of her favorite eccentric small-town personalities. And this world continues to grow. The 21st part of Carr’s Virgin River series with the fitting title Return to Virgin River appeared on the bookshelves in October 2020. The first book in the series was published in 2007.

Tenney previously described Netflix as a “fantastic partner” at storytelling and told TVLine, “They weren’t trying to rush us or get us where we wanted to. They let us tell the story, and as a storyteller, it’s like catnip. “

This approach is one of the reasons Mel and Jack waited for sex until season two of the show. “If you’ve read the books, you know that sex plays a big part,” says Tenney. “But I just didn’t feel like that was what the first season was about. I wanted to hold back. “

Book fans, how do you feel about the on-screen relationship between Mel and Jack? Leave a comment below for your thoughts on Netflix’s Virgin River customization (so far).

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