Upcoming Tye Sheridan Movies: What’s In store for the Ready Player One Star?

Ready Player Two? – TBD (rumored)

With Ready Player One grossing nearly $ 583 million at the box office when it was released in 2018, it seemed only a matter of time before Steven Spielberg returned to, or at least produced, the direct adaptation of Ernest Cline’s follow-up novel, Ready Player Two. And while Amblin Entertainment or Warner Bros. Pictures have not announced anything specific from the filmmaker, according to Cline himself, the theatrical version of his sequel is in an early stage of development, as he revealed in an Inverse interview at the end of 2020.

There aren’t many details regarding the project at this stage of the game, but since Ready Player Two (the novel) works with protagonist Wade Watts shortly after the end of the first novel, it almost seems a given that Tye Sheridan would me coming back when the film officially gets the go-ahead. Since the novel was only received lukewarm when it was released, the future of Ready Player Two films largely remains in the air at this point.

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