Upcoming Mark Wahlberg Motion pictures: The Six Billion Greenback Man And Extra

Understandably, there are some things that Mark Wahlberg usually prefers not to talk about when talking to the press, such as his early days as a rapper. One topic he cannot escape from, however, is The Six Billion Dollar Man, in which the actor has played and produced for years. The big-screen update of a cult science fiction TV series from the 1970s is actually just one of many upcoming titles with Wahlberg’s name that we haven’t seen yet.

In fact, the majority of the movie titles from the list I’m about to feature haven’t seen many updates to their development in nearly a decade since they were first announced. However, the 49-year-old Oscar-nominated Boston native clearly has what it takes to get a project off the ground (eventually) after managing to release the full-length sequel to Entourage and other films four years after his series finale and television projects for which he served as both a star and a producer.

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