Upcoming Mark Ruffalo Motion pictures and TV Exhibits: What’s In retailer for the Marvel Star?

I think at this point I can safely say that Mark Ruffalo is quite capable of anything. The man has currently been nominated for a total of three Academy Awards, recently won his first Emmy, and is the first actor to me to give us a theatrical version of The Incredible Hulk that is worth fucking over. So I’m very grateful that his tenure at the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not yet expired.

Given the debilitating effect of wearing the Infinity Gauntlet in reversing the decimation had on Bruce Banner even in permanent Hulk mode, Avengers: Endgame seemed like the 53-year-old Wisconsin native’s way of officially saving his days to save the world. While Mark Ruffalo’s résumé of upcoming projects doesn’t show MCU rates on big screens, there is at least one comic book title we can expect him to be in. I’m just saying, “At least one comic book – related title” because there could be another wonderful appearance by him that we just don’t have confirmation of at the moment.

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