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Beat Shazam Season 4 – TBA (Announced)

In addition to all of his various acting engagements, Jamie Foxx hosts Fox’s game show Beat Shazam. Even if you’re like me, it’s very amusing that Foxx is having a show on Fox. But no problem. In this fast money competition series, three teams of two players compete against each other in several rounds to identify songs and earn money for each correct answer. The team with the highest score then goes head to head (or rather head to machine) against the Shazam app and tries to identify the song before Shazam. Any team that beats Shazam in all six rounds wins $ 1,000,000. Not a bad way to make a lot of money.

Beat Shazam has certainly achieved a steady stream of viewers in the first three seasons and has been extended by a fourth since January. But when the game show, which Foxx is also producing, returns, it’s not clear.

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