Twitter: Alexis Skyy reveals REAL Child Daddy and stops mendacity about Fetty Wap

Alexis Skyy has said for years that she had a daughter with rapper Fetty Wap, Alaiya Grace. But MTO News learned that Alaiya’s father appears to be someone else – possibly a New York man who runs a multi-million dollar car dealership

Since the birth of Alaiya Grace, there has been controversy over who her father is.

Shortly after Alaiya’s birth, Fetty Wap said on his IG Live that he was not the birth father.

Fetty Wap appears to have had an eye transplant – can see again

During the video, he said that he will always love Lai Lai since he was there to give birth and went to some doctor visits. He also said that even though he and Alexi Skyy were out, it won’t change how he will look after Lai Lai.

He also mentioned that he would not “go beyond his limits” just when the child was his

Well, yesterday, Alexis posted a picture of daughter Aliya, and New York businessman Brandon Medford, owner of a luxury New York dealership, posted a comment indicating that HE – not Fetty – is her baby’s father.


Shortly after the post, tons of people responded on Twitter to the possible reveal about Lai Lai’s fatherhood.


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