Twitter account with connections to Lil Nas X closed due to pedophilia Comment * !!

MTO News learned that a Twitter account believed to have ties to rapper Lil Nas X has been closed over a pedophile testimony.

While there’s no conclusive evidence that Lil Nas X was responsible for the shut down page or the objectionable tweet, it hasn’t stopped people on social media from linking the controversial rapper to the now-banned Twitter page.

MTO News was able to combine the following:

Before Lil Nas X became an international superstar, he was a huge fan of Nicki Minaj. In fact, he was such a huge fan that he created a Twitter fan page for Nicki called NasMaraj in 2015. The site celebrated Nicki and cast a little shadow on other rappers. But all in all, it was pretty tame.


After Lil Nas X got famous, he revealed to his fans – that he was, in fact, the creator of the site.

Here is evidence to prove that Lil Nas X ran the site:


Around the same time, another page called TheLilKimNews popped up. The site appeared to have links to the NasMaraj site, and the two sites frequently posted similar items.

And every now and then the page TheLilKimNews posted on the Twitter account NasMaraj. Many supporters on both sides believed that the two sides were linked. Some speculated that they may have been run by the same person or people.


by doing

But unlike NasMaraj, TheLilKimNews page was a lot darker. The site made disturbing comments about Beyonce’s children and often embarrassed young artists. The site also made disturbing comments about which celebrities had abortions – and speculated how many.

Yesterday, Twitter banned TheLilKimNews after fans found an old annoying tweet. The site posted very disturbing pedophile news in 2015.

Fans found the post and made Twitter aware of it – and Twitter banned the site.

Here is the post:


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