TroyBoi, in collaboration with ‘Save The Kids’, makes a gripping homage to the ancestors in ‘Mom Africa’

TroyBoi has always been a genre-driving, sound-diversifying and versatile innovator when it comes to the world of electronic music. Today is no exception, we have the privilege to share his latest masterpiece “Mother Africa”. Immediately grabbed by smooth synthesizers and rhythmic African chants, this track hooks you into its ever-evolving layers of majesty. Highlight with bass pumping 808s and harmonies of African female choirs. Track Track is simply a complete, well-rounded experience for ears and music lovers.

Not only is this an audio masterpiece, it serves a good cause too. This comment on TroyBoi states:

“We’re donating a portion of the proceeds to Save the Children because they are doing an incredible job helping children in Africa and around the world in need. Children are our future and they must be protected. I am a very giving person and nothing satisfies me more than making someone happy. To be able to give something back through my music and to change the lives of many children is a phenomenal feeling. ‘

Enjoy this absolute master class in production, sampling and sound design!

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