Towanda Braxtons followers are happy with their pores and skin merchandise – try their movies

Towanda Braxton has a line of skin products and their fans couldn’t be more proud of this achievement. Check out the latest related posts she shared on her social media account.

“I am so proud of you with the new skin care line! You are always 100% committed to your work! Your skin looks great and you are gorgeous as always! ???? Lol @ “No, I have no Covid!” ❤️???????? ‘said a follower.

Someone said, “Your yawn must be contagious – as soon as you yawned, I yawned,” and one commenter wrote, “I need to know the name of that good old bad game.” I’d heard from NEVA about the Eiffel Tower when it comes to having sex with. ‘

One supporter said: “WE TV paused the moment we were all waiting for the proposal! That # thatsatease ????????‍♀ ‘and someone else posted this message:’ You’re welcome … I’ll take a close look at the braxtons … Sorry, but I love the show MUCH BETTER WITHOUT Tamar ❤️ ‘

Someone else said, “I just need you to know that the mask you’re wearing at BFV this season is SOOO scary.”

One commenter wrote: ‘I absolutely enjoyed the finale! Why did the season end abruptly!?! The fans are still here. ‘

Someone else said, “Towanda, I really want the face mask that you have. It looks like my nose will actually fit underneath ???????? ‘

She also shared another video which she labeled with the following words:

‘Awesomeness @sheamoisture for allowing me to be together and be #ThankABlackWoman during today’s Virtual Holiday pop-up celebration !! I am so grateful to be parted with this uplifting and amazing online event and for everyone who attended the celebrations! @sheamoisture We had an amazing time !! #sheamoisture #blackwomen #positive #tbraxtonskincare #kingladybug #fun #holiday #love ‘

A fan said: ‘Nice! Check out the show now. And I’m happy for you! ❤️ ‘


Not a long time ago Towanda Braxton shared a video on her social media account. She says this clip never gets old. Take a look at the post.

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