Tomorrowland 2021 looks promising as Belgium seeks a full reopening

Orient is optimistic for 2021 as the Belgian government plans to fully reopen by September 1st.

According to local news sources, the government has announced that large outdoor events will be allowed up to 75,000 people from August 13th. Tomorrowland welcomes around 400,000 visitors over two weekends each year in Boom, Belgium, or up to 70,000 people every day.

According to the new rules, participants must present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test on site. Organizers are confident that they can create a safe event by implementing these practices upon entry.

Tomorrowland recently revealed to Billboard:

We are very excited about this news, but we will wait for the conditions and rules before communicating about the organization of the festival. We are very positive and look forward to organizing a festival [at the] End of August.

Tomorrowland is currently scheduled for August 27-29 and September 3-5.

Meanwhile, Tomorrowland’s Around The World digital festival is scheduled for July 16-17.

Source: Billboard

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