TI’s video with heiress Harris will add to your day – watch it right here

TI shared a video with Heiress Harris that has fans in awe. Check out the cute princess in the clip below.

; ‘Playtime with my little princess’ tip labeled his post.

Someone said, “I love the fact that the baby has kegs in her hair and dresses like a little girl,” and another follower wrote, “I love how respectful the neighbors were. They wanted to respect him with his baby was on the way. ‘

Another follower said, “I can’t lie about this – it’s badly needed. ????????❤️ Teach these kittens that fatherhood is the foundation. ‘

A follower posted this message: “It’s the ‘bye’ for me”. Major is my absolute favorite, but the little princess takes my heart quickly. ‘

Someone else said, ‘That’s what’s up tip! That daddy-daughter time man and ‘and one commentator said,’ This is the most adorable baby that ever was! ‘

One fan said, ‘This is what’s up tip! This papa-daughter-time man ???????? ‘and someone else wrote to Rhis:’ It’s different with a girl with whom I have 8 grandchildren and one granddaughter, and she spoiled your princess, is so cute. ‘

One follower said, “Just after that voice gives her another one, I can’t take it !! ????????‍♀️ ‘and one commenter wrote:’ Those babies who always want candy! ???????????? Mine likes the finest chocolate eggs too! ???? ‘

In other breaking news, TI has fans speaking in the comments after a video he shared on his social media account. Take a look at the post.

That being said, tips woman, Little Harris, shared a photo with TI and her granddaughter – meet Zonni pullins‘Daughter in the photo Tiny posted on her social media account.


The whole family lives their best life, especially since there is a new baby in the family. Zonnique’s daughter is loved by everyone. Stay tuned for more news.

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