Tiffany Haddish shares her plans to advertise youngsters

Tiffany Haddish opens up about their future family plans.

It’s no secret that the Girls Trip alum is known for her comedic and acting skills. However, it looks like she’s ready to take on a new role: motherhood. Talk to her boyfriend CommonIn his new podcast Mind Power Mixtape from Audible Original, Tiffany openly shared her desire to encourage children.

“I just want to bring survival skills and share everything I know with them,” she said in an exclusive clip starring E! News. “I definitely want to either promote children or adopt and get them to do so [age] Seven – where they know how to go to the bathroom, they can communicate and tell you that they are hungry. “

“You should have some manners. If not, you can learn them … you can shape your thoughts,” she continued. “I want the kid to know, ‘Hey, I chose you to be here with me and I want to give you all the knowledge I have.”

The night school alum didn’t go into detail about when she would like to take this next step in her life.

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