TI raves about his daughter, heiress Harris – See the video he shared

TI raves about his daughter Heiress Harris . Check out the video the rapper reposted from Little Harris on his social media account.

‘Repost from @ majorgirl • @brunomars she is best 3 days to @heiressdharris Bday. I was totally exhausted when she threw that song out at 515 in the morning. Her and her daddy were too light. This comes tomorrow! Turn on the YouTube channel #HeiressDoesItAll. #Heiress #BrunoMars #DaddysBaby #BirthdayGirl Tip ‘Tip has given the post a title.

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Someone said, ‘Am I the only one who can hear her singing yet, damn girl, how old are you 5? And already have singing 🥰🥰🥰 I mean, after all, you are surrounded by a talented family ❤️ ‘

Another follower said, “So precious. I forgot the lyrics, but it kept that tune going. She is ready !!! ‘and one commenter posted this message:’ It’s what I like for myself. Come on baby girl ❤️ ‘

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Someone else said, “Lucky for you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like, she killed this partial head movement and everything.” And one commenter wrote, “She’s going to have a beautiful voice like Tiny!”

Another follower said, “I told you, brother, she got it from here, King. Kick your feet up.”

In other news, TI was celebrating his daughter’s birthday, Zonnique pullins . Check out the post he shared on his social media account for her birthday.

‘Our baby turns 25 today !!!! It is an honor and a blessing to see you grow into the beautiful, talented, genuine woman and devoted mother you have become. You always had a quiet power and effortless energy that is half undisturbed and half idgaf. I love you unconditionally, honey. Do you have 4LIFE, no matter what my dear love. Enjoy your day honey. I am very proud to be your “Pops” ️ ️ @zonniquejailee ‘, he wrote and switched off the comments section.

TI lives his best life with his family.

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