Thor Four star Tessa Thompson teases new MCU characters and extra recurring favorites

Thor: love and thunder is quickly becoming one of Marvel’s most intriguing projects, and now returning star Tessa Thompson has come up with even more surprises. In a recent interview, the actress not only confirms her role as King of Asgard in the upcoming sequel, but suggests that even more characters from the broader MCU could emerge.

“Yeah. I can tease that she’s definitely King of New Asgard if we find her. And like the last four years, I’d say she’s part of an adventure Thor was involved in, in the sense that it’s Thor’s: love and thunder. And I would say there is some cool stuff going on. We have some new characters, we have some people who may be from other pockets of the MCU. And then maybe we have some people who we have seen before. “”
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During the final of Avengers: Endgame last year, Thor names Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie as King of Asgard, whose kingdom now lies on earth. While Thor: Love and Thunder will feature Valkyrie in this regal role, it seems that she will still find time to get away and join the latest adventure.

Thor: Love and Thunder is starting to look more and more like a major Marvel event, with several Guardians of the Galaxy members joining the two Asgardians in the sequel. Chris Pratt has already been confirmed as Star-Lord, and rumors are circulating that Vin Diesel, Idris Elba and Jaimie Alexander will also return as Groot, Heimdall and Lady Sif.

Thompson’s comments certainly coincide with recent reports, which have indicated that Thor: Love and Thunder will be very similar to an unofficial Avengers movie. “In January, Taika Waititi’s sequel Thor: Love and Thunder begins its Australian shoot with a sprawling cast made up of what an insider, thanks to his cast, compares to” Avengers 5 Feeling “.” So the burning question is which other Marvel characters will join the trial?

While certain elements of the plot remain top secret, returning star Natalie Portman can’t stop revealing that she will appear as The Mighty Thor in the film. During a recent interview, the actress confirmed that she had been in Australia for some time as the production prepared for filming, and while Portman knows about her training for the role and how much she knows about the upcoming film, she made it crystal clear that she was picks up a specific superhero coat. “No. Very little, I’m just trying to train to look like an action figure … Yeah, the mighty Thor,” she teased before doubling down. “The Jane Foster Thor is called The Mighty Thor.”

But it’s not just Portman either Tessa Thompson after also declaring her excitement at “seeing a woman swing a hammer”. While discussing the film during an appearance at ACE Comic Con, Thompson said, “Natalie is getting better, and I’m going to teach her my grunt trick. Let me write her about it now. [laughs] I’m really looking forward to the next phase, I think it will be an exciting one. “

Some details about Thor: Love and Thunder were revealed recently at Disney Investor Day. Most intriguing is the role of Dark Knight star Christian Bale as the villain. The Oscar winner will portray the impressive Gorr, the god butcher in love and thunder, an extraterrestrial whose hatred of the gods leads him on a mission of revenge over time and space.

Unfortunately, the audience has to wait a while before they see all of the pieces fit together. Thor: Love and Thunder is currently slated to hit theaters on February 18, 2022. This comes from The Playlist.

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