The video of Gabrielle Union with Kaavia James wowed the fans – watch it here

Gabrielle Union shared a video with Kaavia James and people can’t get enough of it. Check out the clip here.

A timeline cleaner from @kaaviajames if your digging for gold and grapes. 🤣 🍇🍇
#MarchMadness cc @dwyanewade PS Follow your girl on Tiktok @gabunion, ‘said Gabrielle.

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Someone else posted: “The content I’ll never tire of.”

Another follower said, “She wanted to silence you. Take that one grape and enjoy it!” and another follower wrote this: ‘Just a grape! The story of a mother who lives in a papa / daughter world. ‘

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Someone else wrote: “One day you will be great mom. Just not now. ‘

Another supporter said: “I am glad that I am not the only one who has a daughter who looks out for her father and who always takes care of him beforehand and at the expense of the 2-year-old Mama Bahahaha !!!”

One commenter wrote, “Here, mom, you can have one … 🥴 now go away 😒 lmao look how they treat us when it comes to their fathers 🤣😂💀 ‘and another follower said,’ Lmao, me love you @gabunion u get me ready i have to worry because what if mom wants some grapes?

In other recent news, Dwyane Wade was silent when many people voiced their opinions about his daughter who came out transgender.

Rapper Boosie was one of the loudest critics after the reveal.

The musician said notoriously, “I have to say something about it, brother. Dwyane Wade , you’ve gone too far, dawg. That is a man. A 12 year old. At 12, they don’t even know what their next meal will be.

Dwyane said, “So Boosie, all the people who have something to say, J. Boogie who just came out, all the people who have something to say about my kids, thank you for letting the conversation start go on going forward. ‘

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