The type didn’t finish in 2020 both: relive all the style moments

While 2020 was a painful year most of us would like to forget, we always want to remember these clothes.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, it quickly presented us with major challenges and stole many things we had taken for granted – hugging your grandparent, going on a trip, having dinner with friends, walking the aisles of a grocery store without having to wear a protective mask. Do practically anything without wearing a mask. While mouth and nose covering became the norm this year, the will to dress every day diminished as more and more people’s work situations changed or disappeared altogether. With each passing day, the routine of putting on clothes became more of a struggle riddled with spandex. Special occasions and their unusual outfits? Farewell.

Outside the comfort of our couches, fashion lovers said goodbye to their favorite events as the red carpet premieres stalled and the annual Met Gala inevitably got canceled. But over time a new normal was found (yes, a phrase we want to forget too) and Hollywood adapted, triggering unprecedented virtual awards ceremonies and fashion shows with mandatory face masks. In the enduring words of Tim GunnThe industry made it – and the style hasn’t stopped.

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