The Resident Video: Conrad and Nic trade vows within the season four premiere of Candy Season – 2021 FIRST LOOK

Beloved on, we are gathered here today to weep tears of joy over the reunion of Conrad and Nic by The Resident.

TVLine’s 2021 First Look series continues with a sneak peek at the season 4 premiere of the Fox drama (Jan. 12, Jan. 8/7), which sees Conrad and Nic following their engagement last season tie the knot.

“Hard times are coming. You always will. But if you do, Conrad, I want you by my side, ”Nic tells her fiancé in the exclusive clip above. “I promise to always have your back no matter what. I promise to love you but never to obey you … Most of the time I promise that you will never lose me. That’s forever. “(And while Nic recites their vows, Mina and AJ also exchange meaningful looks.)

Conrad and Nic’s wedding will take place in a post-COVID world, although The Resident plans to portray the real pandemic in the season premiere via flashbacks.

“The long-awaited CoNic wedding is a beautiful moment of hope and promise,” teases Amy Holden Jones, the show’s co-creator, TVLine. “As our country turns the corner after a tragic year, this beautiful couple’s devotion to their patients and to each other is a shining example of love for all of us.”

Even more worrying, however, is that the first episode of season four is titled “A Wedding, a Funeral” – and while we don’t know who the second half of the title refers to, a recently released trailer for the new season suggested several Characters who seem to be struggling with health problems.

Check out our exclusive look at the wedding above and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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