The Masked Singer: New References to Piglet, Black Swan, and More

As much as we made fun of The Masked Singer’s (over) use of the term “game changing”, we have to hand it over to the reality series: The wild card candidates really are Shake it up – in a playful way – in season 5.

Appendix A: Crab’s appearance on Wednesday, similar to Orca’s the week before, gave an already strong hour a lot of energy and increased competition for the current participants. Crab was added to the mix that included Black Swan, Piglet, Chameleon, and Grandpa Monster, and at the end of the episode, Grandpa Monster was asked to go home. When exposed, Grandpa Monster was exposed as the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul. (Read a full summary.)

Before episode 5 on Wednesday (Fox, 8 / 7c), we collected what we believed to be the most important information from the premiere and summarized it in a practical guide. The goal: find out who is among these costumes long before they are revealed.

Throughout the season we’re updating the gallery on the right – go right here – with information from this week’s show and adding our (and some of your) thoughts on who’s among the costumes. So make sure log your thoughts, theories and evolving guesses in the comments section!

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