The Good Physician’s Fall Commencement Abstract: Say slightly prayer for me


This week at The Good Doctor, Shaun guesses his decision to give autonomy to the new residents after Asher’s misdiagnosis led to it severe consequences.

In the fall finale, Lim encourages Shaun to have a little faith in Asher and Olivia and pull back while they work through their first patients. Olivia reviews Toni, a potential stroke patient, while Asher reviews Carl, a middle-aged ballet dancer with back pain. Asher estimates that Carl has an L2 compression fracture and is missing a life-threatening aneurysm that Shaun might have found had he checked Asher’s work. That’s what he said when Lim reprimands him for giving up his responsibilities as Asher’s boss.

Later that night, Shaun goes home and reads what it takes to be a better manager. The next day, he returns to work with a list of roughly 400 skills that Asher and Olivia are expected to master over time, and hands Asher a list of the post-operative tests to be performed on Carl, who has jaundice in his recovery bed . His first operation resulted in a second aneurysm and he needs a second procedure. Shaun, Asher, Olivia, and Lim take the next 24 hours to think about the least invasive surgical route, but Carl is at high risk. The odds are not in his favor, no matter how you proceed.

It should be noted that Carl and Asher have developed a certain bond. Carl, who is also gay and a former religious man, sees himself a bit in Asher, who was previously a member of the Hasidic Jewish community. When Carl tells Asher that it was his honor to be his first patient, Asher walks in and tells Carl that it was his mistake that put him in this dire situation. Instead of getting angry, Carl asks the rookie Doc to recite a prayer for the sick before returning under the knife. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do him any good. Carl is bleeding from the table.

Afterward, a confused Shaun visits Glassman to resolve his insecurities as a manager. He is concerned that his inability to communicate better with his interns will result in more patients dying. In response, Glassman advises Shaun that no one is infallible; There will be days when he fails, just like everyone else. The best he can do for himself right now is to go home, be with the person he loves, and comfort himself in it. Before he can do that, however, he meets Asher, who continues to suffer from the loss of his first patient. Instead of returning to Lea, Shaun takes a seat next to Asher and stays with him for a while.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Claire and Park treat Ellie (Grace and Frankie’s Lindsey Kraft), a woman who comes to the emergency room with a migraine but has a dermoid cyst. She has to have it removed, but her boyfriend Zane refuses to sign the procedure. The decision is best left to her husband Brendan. During surgery, fat leaks out of the cyst and causes retrograde memory loss. A second surgery can fix the problem, but she can forget about the past few days, weeks, or even months, which means she would forget all about Zane. Brendan doesn’t feel comfortable asking her for an operation – he doesn’t want his marriage to be a lie if Ellie manages to forget about Zane – so Zane sacrifices his luck and asks Ellie to go ahead.

When Ellie comes home from the operation, she watches a video of herself next to Zane. In the video, she remembers how they met and fell in love, but it doesn’t arouse feelings for him. She doesn’t know this man anymore. The video just reminds her of the way she once felt about Brendan, who after talking to polyamorous (!) Newbie Enrique, decided to forgive her and work on her marriage.

As all of this happens, new roommates, Park and Morgan, bond through their failed relationships. Park has held onto a parrot sculpture Mia gave him early on in their relationship. Morgan has held onto a football shirt given to her by one of the Gronkowski brothers, but does not reveal which one. At the end of the episode, they torch both the parrot and a Gronkowski jersey, but not the real Gronkowski jersey which one day will be worth something.

The good doctor returns on Monday January 11th. In the meantime Hit the comments with your thoughts on the latest episode (and the young season as a whole).

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