The Good Physician Recap: Huge Strides for Shaun and Lea, Park and Morgan – Plus, a household connection revealed


This week, Shaun and Lea discuss The Good Doctor, whether or not to live together – and they’re not the only ones contemplating a new way of life.

It’s not a small decision for Lea to move back in with Shaun. The relationship is different now, and to agree to live together as boyfriend and girlfriend requires more trust – and even greater commitment. After taking some time (but not that much time) to think about it, she realizes that she can’t see herself living with anyone else in a year. Delaying the move means delaying the inevitable, so she takes her things and goes back to the attic.

Back at the hospital, Park is late for work. He says he has a flat tire, but Morgan catches him in a lie. He eventually reveals to her that he was stopped because he was finalizing his divorce. He also mentions that he has lived in a motel for a while and lost his place when he thought he was moving to Arizona. As soon as he comes clean, Morgan offers him her guest room. He shies away from being a roommate, but shows up at her front door later that night with luggage in hand.

In addition to big strides, Monday’s issue contains a pretty big reveal: Dr. Andrews is Olivia’s uncle. The junior resident doesn’t want word of mouth to spread, but Supervisor Shaun does a little detective work, not convinced that her résumé earned her an internship at St. Bonaventure. The connection is made when Olivia Dr. Murphy assisted in a desperate pregnancy that culminated in a delayed double birth. Along the way, Shaun learns that in order to be a good teacher, he has to adapt his methods and adapt them to the individual needs of his interns. Olivia requires extra attention and positive reinforcement; Jordan just wants to know that her manager keeps getting her back.

As for Jordan, she’s getting a backstory this week. We find out that she could be happily married to an Army lieutenant who lives on a base in Germany, rather than a surgeon in training. Asher and Enrique also open up, with the former revealing that he became estranged from all but one family member – his sister – after deciding to leave the Hasidic community and the latter revealing a strained relationship with his broker father, who has pursued a career in medicine rather than real estate.

What do you think of The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 4, “Not the Same”? And which (if any) of the newbies grow on you? Write your thoughts in a comment below.

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