The Exorcist: Blumhouse is growing a sequel with David Gordon Inexperienced

Green is in talks to make the horror film, but don’t be surprised if he tackles a smaller, more personal project first.


Blumhouse is developing a sequel to pre-holiday horror news that is sure to captivate you The exorcist that should be directed by David Gordon Green, who is also behind the company’s new Halloween trilogy.

The Observer broke the news, reporting that Blumhouse was working with Morgan Creek on the project mentioned back in August as part of a deadline story about Morgan Creek working with Amazon on a series remake of Dead wrestlers.

Jason blum will produce next to Morgan Creek James Robinson and David Robinsonand while Deadline originally claimed that the new Exorcist movie was aiming for a release in 2021, that could be a bit optimistic. Green is still in talks, and the Observer says it is unclear whether it will be the director’s next feature after his two Halloween sequels.

Personally, I hope the director manages to sneak into a smaller, more personal project after these Halloween movies as I loved Green’s drama Stronger With Jake Gyllenhaal and would love to see him make more films like this. Of course, I was a huge fan of Halloween 2018 too, so if Green found a way to breathe new life into the dying exorcist franchise then I’m all for it because that’s a great IP that just sits there. Waiting for a new recording.


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Directed by William FriedkinThe original 1973 film followed the demonic possession of Regan MacNeil (Sweet Blair), a 12-year-old girl whose mother (Ellen Burstyn) recruits a couple of priests (Jason Miller and Max von Sydow) to fight against an entity known simply as Pazuzu. The exorcist was nominated for best picture and produced four follow-up films. Although the franchise grossed more than $ 520 million worldwide, Friedkin is unlikely to be involved in this new venture.

Green’s next Michael Myers movie, Halloween kills, will be carving theater on October 15, 2021 Halloween ends is expected to be released on October 14, 2022. The 2018 installment raised more than $ 255 million worldwide. So it’s easy to see why Blumhouse wants to be back in business with Green and why Morgan Creek wants to partner with Blumhouse on this particular project. When it comes to horror, Blum and his team simply have the genre know-how. That is, if Morgan Creek wants to restart The swarmYou should call me, not Jason.

Speaking of Blumhouse, the company is also doing a remake of Fire starter that will star Zac Efronand that is one Stephen King Adaptation, which I am particularly happy for, as the original left room for improvement.

Neighbors Zac Efron Slice


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