The DCEU has decided that it’s Supergirl and it is going to be debut quickly

Given how many actresses may play Supergirl, it certainly says something about Sasha Calle that she managed to stand out from the crowd. DC fans are likely to lose their collective minds over this news, especially as it turns out that the legendary Kryptonian will hit the silver screen with the Flash movie in just a few years.

It is currently unclear how Supergirl will flow into the history of Flash film. Ezra Miller’s solo film has been a long time coming, and a number of directors have dropped out over the years. But things are finally moving forward and alongside Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as Batman, Supergirl now also seems to play a role.

Sasha Calle has been with The Young and the Beautiful for years and has over 200 episodes in total. It is currently unclear whether her new appearance at the DCEU stands in the way or what will happen to her character Lola Rosales. Regardless, she’ll be getting a ton of superpowers soon and hopefully she’ll appear in a number of crossover events as well.

If Supergirl is brought to the DCEU, does that mean Henry Cavill will repeat his role as Superman? Cavill seems interested in playing the hero again, but there are currently no plans for a sequel to Man of Steel. But if Supergirl is featured in the Flash movie, it could be an indication that those plans are finally coming together. Only time can tell.

The Flash film should start filming soon and is expected to be released in 2022. In the meantime, check out our 2021 releases list to help plan your next movie experience.

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