The Craft: Legacy Ending Defined, together with The Massive Reveal

The Craft: Legacy also shows more of a development of forces. The witches in this film can do a lot more than we saw in the original Craft film. They can change (at some point), read auras, use elements as weapons, communicate telepathically, and freeze time. We’re also seeing an expansion in craft magic and the universe, because the only witches we’ve seen in the original were Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle (Rachel True), Bonnie (Neve Campbell), and possibly Lirio (Assumpta Serna). Now The Craft: Legacy added the possibility of male witches with Adam.

In addition, Tabby, Lily, Frankie and Lourdes all feel very similar to their own characters, with their own unique different backgrounds and not just copies of Bonnie, Rochelle, Sarah and Nancy. Even if Nancy is Lily’s mom, the characters don’t feel alike.

The Craft: Legacy appears to exist in the craft world, but it is a more modern version relevant to problems faced by today’s young women and girls.

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