The Cherry Poster Controversy Explains: Which Film Is Tom Holland In?

With the release of the FYC poster for today, something very strange happened cherry, the upcoming, muckraking movie with Tom Holland and directed by The Russo brothers. As tweeted by the film reporter Chris EvangelistaThe first poster we all saw was “horribly bad”. Holland was bathed in a suitably cherry red, yes, and he looked suitably dark and angry. But the actual title of the film looked a little less “Cherry” and a little more “Cherrk”. What was wrong with this choice of title design? Why do we sacrifice the “actual title of the film” for “artistic excitement”? Why does “Cherrk” simply say “Best picture”? And can we please officially rename the movie “Cherrk” so we can all laugh until we cry when Warren Beatty tried to read the best picture cover?

And then the plot condensed. This wasn’t the official FYC poster design for the film, Variety said in a tweet. “Variety apologizes for our mistake in the digital misprint of the ad for the movie ‘Cherry’,” they said. “This does not meet our standards.” And the new version of the poster looks pretty much the same except that you can now read the actual word “Cherry” (RIP “Cherrk”). What the heck happened

UPDATE: Since the original release, we’ve received a message from the advertising team behind Cherry that the poster error was due to a Chrome issue affecting the popular Google Chrome web browser.

And is it just me … or is the “Cherrk” version more interesting than the “fixed” one?


Image via Apple

With all the clowning on “Cherrk” and all of his aggressive attitude towards “nervousness”, it is at least a “choice” in the often bleak world of movie posters; without it, it’s just Tom Holland looking at us sadly, a promise from Apple and the certainty that it deserves a look to be “Best Picture”. With this, it makes you squint harder, catches your attention, and prompts you to find out.

And that kind of active, if accidental, disruption likely communicates the intent of the film itself. In our exclusive panel with the Russo Brothers, they stated that the film takes a deliberately wild, aggressive, unorthodox approach to its visual and narrative storytelling. I will let Joe Russo explain it:


“The film is about [Holland’s] Life cycle. It’s about a 15 year life cycle. And it’s broken down into chapters, where each chapter is shot almost like it’s a different movie, but they’re all connected in some way. But there is a gonzo element … there is magical realism in a chapter and then absurdism and then brutal realism and then horror and then dark humor so it really covers a wide range of experiences for both the character and the audience. In each chapter, we made very different cinematic decisions, from costume to performance and lenses to the style of camerawork and the way the camera moves with the music. It’s hopefully not a harrowing change for the audience, but it moves and takes you to places you don’t expect from chapter to chapter. And hopefully when you put it all together you get a surprising and unique cinematic experience. ”

So in a movie that’s ready to be weird, that genre hopping and that “gonzo” … why not put out a poster that says “Cherrk”? I call it: Hire someone who made this mistake for your official design team, Russo Brothers!

Check out both Cherry FYC posters below – first the “real” version and then the originally discarded “broken” version. The film will hit select theaters on February 26, 2021 and then on Apple TV + on March 12, 2021.

The poster for Cherry with Tom Holland

Image via Apple

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