The chain people who smoke discuss “reset button” in music and social media

The chain smokers showed up from the studio for a rare interview during the lockdown and gave their backers an update on what they did and where they are going from here.

During the quarantine, the duo consists of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall I worked on investing during the day (more here) and on music at night. It’s a marked change from the 180+ shows they played last year and 50 more appearances in Las Vegas.

Their decision to hit the “reset button” on music and social media (see here) is not only best for them, they feel best for the fans too. When they come back the music and content will be completely fresh and exciting.

The chain smokers reveal:

We wanted to just work on music and regroup ourselves this year, even before COVID. So it’s pretty crazy what happened in the world at this time after we made that decision for ourselves. But we spent our time doing just that.

Will Briger‘s 1 hour intern The podcast with The Chainsmokers covers many areas – from lockdown to criticism, inspiration to embarrassing moments, sideline activities such as their new film music and much more. Venturing back into their teenage years, they pursue music and some important lessons they learned on their way to stardom.

Listen to the full interview here.

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