The “A Quiet Place” universe is expanded to incorporate a spin-off led by Jeff Nichols

A new film in the world of A quiet place is on the horizon. It looks like the established universe at A Quiet Place is expanding in the director-led works thanks to a recently announced spin-off Jeff Nichols (Mud, Loving) and produced by John Krasinski. Krasinski wrote, directed, and starred in the acclaimed 2018 horror thriller that follows a family trying to survive in a world where much of humanity has been wiped out by alien invaders who can pursue their prey through sound. A sequel to A Quiet Place, A quiet place: Part II was originally scheduled for release on March 20, but was among the first tent poles to experience repeated delays in release following the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Now, A Quiet Place fans can look forward to yet another new film in a seemingly rapidly evolving franchise. In addition to directing the spin-off film, Nichols will also write the script (via The Hollywood Reporter). Nichols’ script is based on an idea by Krasinski, but details of the plot or possible casting are not known. Krasinski will co-produce under his banner Sunday Night Michael Bay, Andrew shape, and Brad Fuller also produce.

We may not know what the A Quiet Place spinoff story will be, but having Krasinski at the story level is already a huge plus for the project. The multi-hyphenation star has pointed out that he has numerous ideas for future sequels to A Quiet Place. When Collider Krasinski asked about the possibility of A Quiet Place 3 earlier this year, he teased the likelihood of continuing the story if it branches off in new directions.


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“It’s interesting, I really didn’t think of a second when I did the first. However, I really had these questions when I did. I put out the distant fires in the first place, thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had to find out where these fires were going? Who’s on the other end of these fires? ‘But I never thought there would be a sequel. When I actually got around to writing the sequel, I started the fires. And so this time, when my brain started answering questions about what that would mean later, I started jotting down notes in case I could prepare for a third one. “

A quiet place: Part II is still planned for the cinema release on April 23, 2021. For more information, check out the cinemas that hit theaters in 2021.

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