Take a look at the video from Drakeo the Ruler for the brand new tune “Fights Do not Matter”.

Drakeo the Ruler was released from prison on Wednesday and tonight he shared his first new song and video since his release. “Fights Don’t Matter” will appear in his upcoming project “We Know the Truth”. According to Jeff Weiss, the song was “taped three hours after leaving the Compton Courthouse – from scribbled text locked in solitary confinement to a video in 96 hours.” Check it out below.

The Los Angeles rapper was eventually released after signing a plea deal. He has been tried for conspiracy by a criminal gang and shooting from a motor vehicle. The rapper pleaded guilty to firing from a gang reform vehicle while charges of criminal gang conspiracy were dismissed.

Earlier this year Drakeo released Thank You for Using GTL – an album recorded on a prison phone while incarcerated in Los Angeles County’s Central Men’s Prison.

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