Supergirl bosses cancel last season’s premiere, warn Kara’s situation is ‘Dire’ after it aired on [Spoiler]

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Supergirl premiere on Tuesday.

Kara, you are in danger, girl.

Supergirl rang the doorbell on its final season premiere with twists and turns and a new threat to our Girl of Steel. In Tuesday’s episode, titled “Rebirth,” the Super Friends defeated Gamamnae, revived a dying Brainy, and reversed the damage Lex did after using the Obsidian platform to brainwash half the world and become believers.

Unfortunately for the team, her win came at a high price: Kara was sent back to the Phantom Zone because Lex is still an extremely bad guy despite his entertaining antics. The episode where Supergirl was lying unconscious on the floor when a group of phantoms – who give the Phantom Zone their name – approached her.

Without Supergirl’s exact location, if they ever hope to see their leader again, the Superfriends have an impossible task ahead of them. For Kara, her banishment will be a test of willpower and inner strength when the phantoms upset her mind.

“One of the things they do is take people’s hopes away and give them nightmares,” co-showrunner Robert Rovner told TVLine. “Your journey there seeks to find hope and a way out in a situation that seems just as bad to you as it does to the people of National City. Your friends and family [are] try to save her at all costs. “

“As you can imagine, there are very strong parallels to what we’ve all been through with COVID,” adds co-showrunner Jessica Queller. “We are trapped alone in the Phantom Zone, isolated from your own thoughts and fears, and have no idea when you will ever come out and see your family and loved ones again. We hope that this will resonate with the audience. ”

If Supergirl is lost in the Phantom Zone, the Super Friends must collect the parts. As we saw in the premiere, they reported for Kara on CatCo and stated that she was following a story with Cat Grant. But over time, and if they still can’t find it, hope will wane for some.

“I think it’s a very emotional arc for everyone,” explains Rovner. “You really don’t know if you can save Kara. They start out hopefully but really struggle with it, especially Alex with the thought that her sister might not be coming back. “

According to Queller, the uncertainty about Kara’s return leads to feelings of “sadness, hope and despair”. Though Alex will struggle with her sister’s absence, at least she will have Kelly to lean on while processing these complex emotions.

“She is very united with Kelly who, along with the rest of her extended family, helps her shoulder what she’s dealing with. But it puts Alex in a very dark place as she faces the reality that she may never get her sister back. “

With Alex, “her MO has been protecting her sister all her life,” notes Queller. “That’s why she joined the DEO, and that’s why she’s done pretty much everything she’s done in her life. The feeling of helplessness brings with it a bit of existential despair in the early episodes. The only thing her life’s work was, if she didn’t achieve this, what does it all mean? “

Meanwhile, Lex is human again and will soon face the consequences of his heinous acts. Rovner says the trial of the mega-villain featured in Episode 2 “will be fun to see”. It will also force his sister Lena to find out her place within the family.

“She still has her toe in the Lutheran world, and I think she’s torn between being faithful to family and not being faithful to Lex,” explains Rovner. “And can she ever break away from it? It’s an interesting dilemma for her and how does she really break free from her brother? “

One less thing Lena has to worry about is where she stands with Kara. Before Supergirl was sent to the Phantom Zone, both Lena and our hopeful hero admitted that they were ready to finally make amends. According to Rovner, that road to defining their relationship will continue if Kara ever comes back to National City.

“Lena is definitely Team Supergirl and Team Super Friends, and I think they’re both looking forward and not back. They meant it when they said they were trying to fix their friendship, ”he notes.

In the final run of the show, the super friends will be focused on getting Kara back, and that will bring its own complications, especially if the Phantoms choose to keep their eyes on Earth.

“Supergirl faces the Phantoms in the Phantom Zone, and they could be the super friends in National City,” teases Rovner.

“These phantoms are getting around,” adds Queller. “The phantoms might want to wreak some havoc on Earth.”

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