Subsidia is featured on all of the new 17-track “Dusk Vol. 3” collection

The phrase “showing no signs of slowing down” is almost an inside joke among music journalists at this point, but from time to time it carries the truth. Subsidia, the new label launched by Excision in late 2020, released a staggering 120 titles when it first launched, and each collection has released at least two more volumes, with the exception of Dawn, which is still in its second. (Although you can be sure that you will expect the next one soon enough.)

Dusk: Vol. 3 dropped today with 17 new tracks representing the label’s wonkier bass side and names like Ruvlo, Ray Volpe, Blvk Sheep, MIRR.IMG, Carbin and smaller names like Tabe B, UHNK, Xinister, ZIZI and others included.

Once again Subsidia (and in a broader sense Excision) shows its dedication to uncovering smaller artists and presenting them on the label together with well-known names.

Check out Dusk: Vol. 3 below!

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