Stunning girl knocked out in Walmart battle for the final PS5 !! (Video)

A woman was brutally knocked unconscious at Walmart outside of Charlotte, North Carolina – and the brutal knockout was videotaped, MTO News learned.

The incident took place at the North Tryon Walmart – just minutes from Charlotte. Two women started arguing at the checkout when one noticed the other had the last PS5 game console in the store.


The argument quickly gained momentum and soon turned into an all-out fight. And it’s 2020 – just as the action was warming up, half of the business got their phones out and recorded the altercation.

The fight was brutal when one of the women slammed the other on the floor and then stomped her head into the concrete floor with a double foot.

The loser was knocked unconscious. However, according to social media reports, she managed to get up and leave the store alone, but was later rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion.

Be sure to be out here Christmas shoppers. . .

Here is the video:

Here’s another angle on the fight:

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