Stephen Amell reveals that he examined optimistic for COVID-19 within the first podcast interview because the panic assault

When Stephen Amell Tested positive for COVID-19, his main concern was jeopardizing the future of his upcoming show heels.

The Starz wrestling drama was already in production in Atlanta when the actor fell ill, he announced in a performance on October 27th Michael RosenbaumInside of You podcast. At the time of recording on Oct. 20, Amell said he tested positive two weeks earlier and had been released to return to the set.

The interview was Stephen’s first major meeting since a panic attack on the same show exactly nine months ago. Fresh after leaving Arrow, the moment sparked an important conversation about mental health and career burnout.

“I’m a retired superhero, but take one last thing off of me,” remarked Amell. “When I was scared I know we talk about it in the capsule sometimes, and of course I had a panic attack on your podcast. Take it from a man whose only feeling of fear and panic was the concept of contracting COVID. “

Amell said he was “never concerned about the deadly aspect” of contracting the virus, declaring instead, “My fear came from the idea that I would abandon hundreds of people.”

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