Space Laces drops the first single of the year with “Dominate” on Never Say Die [LISTEN]

Do you remember as place Laces dropped Vault 003 two weeks ago and do we feel like watching the full length demos?

Today he released his first single from 2021, “Dominate” Never say die. The track was a standout title as one of the energetic bassists picks from the project – and the full version builds a journey through the section that was sampled in the mixtape.

In less than four minutes, Space Laces makes the song really feel like a journey. “Dominate” brings energy from start to finish and builds up from the first bar of the song before it relaxes in the last moments of the song.

On the way there, “Dominate” is packed full of bouncing house beats, grainy drops and glitchy sound effects. In the last minute of the song, Space Laces shows its versatility by switching to a slower pace. In these glorious moments, the bass that carries the song shines through. He closes the track with a cheeky sample, a recurring theme in his songs like “Overdrive” and “Torque”.

Hopefully there will be more Space Laces in stock for 2021. But now we’re going to listen to that again.

Space Laces – “Dominate”

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