Some members of the battle with Grandpa solid track to participate within the dodgeball scene

Thankfully, the conversation with Jane Seymour did not include a story about how Cheech Marin had blown his knee and had to pause the rest of the war because of Grandpa’s shooting. However, the hazard potential is enough to make you feel a little apprehensive when you first watched the film after learning this knowledge. At this point in the film, the scene is set for a battle between wits and physical prowess as the title war between Robert De Niro and Oakes Feigley’s characters provides the opportunity for a major showdown. Trampoline and dodgeball merge into a set piece that, as you can see above, could become an injury waiting to be happened. However, when you hear Jane Seymour describe how much fun it was to shoot this sequence, it’s not hard to see why the more seasoned cast members would lie to participate in a rousing game for all marbles.

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