Soho Karen Bikini Footage LEAK; Plus, she’s allegedly linked to a billionaire !!

Soho Karen, whose real name is Miya Ponsetto, is getting more and more interesting. MTO News learned that a group of internet detectives had found some pictures of Miya before the incident – including some bikini pictures. And the same people claim that Miya has Connections to a billionaire.

The images of Miya found contained at least one bikini image. They were very interesting. Appearance:

The last picture is the most interesting.

The man in the picture looks remarkably similar to billionaire Alexandre Mille, son of Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Millie. Miya allegedly worked as a receptionist for the watch company in Beverly Hills – and that’s where she may have met Alexandre – the heir to more than a billion dollars.


The IG site that leaked the pictures calls Alexandre Miyas a “sponsor”, but so far there is not enough evidence to make this claim. However, it is interesting that Miya and Alexandre seem to have a relationship.

Miya Ponsetto’s appearance in a “Daddy” baseball cap went viral online and was an “embarrassing” mistake, her lawyer said.

The 22-year-old was “forcibly” arrested Thursday by Ventura County MPs in her home state of California on a cursory warrant in connection with the attack of 14-year-old son of jazz musician Keyon Harrold at the SoHo Arlo Hotel in New York, the office said Sheriffs. Shortly before she was arrested, Ponsetto told CBS host Gayle King that she was acting lawfully in the video Harrold recorded.

Ponsetto, who has since been referred to online as “SoHo Karen,” seemed to stumble when she picked the teenager out and pushed him to the ground to answer King’s questions about her motives.

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