SLANDER & Synymata Drop Emotional New Collaboration “When I’m With You” ft. Neverwaves [LISTEN]

DEFAMATION and Synymata unleash their first single “When I’m With You” never waves.

The track evokes inevitable emotions with every single element of the mix. With the heartfelt synthesizers and the spaces they create, the hopeful builds and euphoric releases, our hearts get entangled in the production of the track and the powerful lyrical performance that goes with it.

SLANDER reveal that they have big plans for Synymata on Heaven Sent after drawing attention in early 2020 for his remix of “Love is Gone” by the duo. SLANDER and Synymata show off their musical chemistry here, while Neverwaves drive home the essence of the track.

Neverwaves shares the meaning behind the lyrics:

“When I’m with you” is an ode to dream love. A story of a soulmate who visits you in your sleep. It’s that feeling when you hit the perfect one for you, and the resulting frustration and complaint of not being able to find it in real life. They haunt you with their perfection. But the experience of them is so intense, so tangible that you are absolutely convinced that one day you will find them. Life will never be the same until you are united.

Hear “When I’m with you” here and let yourself be drawn into the dream.

SLANDER & Synymata – When I’m with you ft. Neverwaves

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