Sharna Burgess says followers hold asking about Brian Austin Inexperienced – here is what she informed them about her “relationship standing”!

After her vacation with Brian Austin Greenwho she called one of the best of her life, Sharna Burgess decided to share a little more about their romance! As a result, she used social media to answer some of her followers’ burning questions!

Still, while delving into the fact that most people are curious about their supposed romance, she chose to say very little about it, which suggests they don’t need to put a label on what they have just yet.

That being said, she didn’t ditch the actor in her answer despite the question being about their relationship status and the two of them saw each other kissing on a beach no more than a week ago!

‘Relationship status?’ The fan question she took as a screenshot and shared on her platform is.

Sharna replied, ‘Lol. You don’t give up on this. It’s almost impossible to fish out real questions in the midst of my relationship status. I say this with love and kindness. Forget it.’

This pretty much means she has no plans to find out about her love life anytime soon, which could mean that she and Brian want to keep it private until things get more serious.

Another comment actually praised her for staying single as it allowed her to fall in love with herself.

“The best I’ve ever done. Well one of them, lol, ”she replied, suggesting that even though she loves herself, she is not single.


Prior to this, during an interview, Brian couldn’t stop raving about his new girlfriend, telling Access Hollywood, “She’s amazing, super responsible, and cute. She is caring, passionate and so fun to be here. I feel blessed now. We had a great time. Hawaii is an amazing place. It’s going very well right now, it’s early days so obviously we don’t have labels for anything, but we really enjoy each other’s company. ‘

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